What you need to know about CrossFit

I have seen a lot of people with misconceptions about CrossFit. Some think it’s just about the professional CrossFit Games athletes you see on TV, but that’s not true. Well, some guys are just a little fuzzy on the details of this popular workout. So, I am here to show you some important details you need to know about Crossfit.

What is it?

CrossFit is an organized program developed to offer a full-body workout that combines elements of core training, cardio, gymnastics, weight lifting and more to prepare your body for the unexpected. So you see it is a principal strength and conditioning program that is executed at high intensity.

More so, this program is extremely varied and all about getting the most for your workout buck. This is more reason why you will hardly see a CrossFitter who engage in the same routine twice in one week. Besides, the workouts usually last between 45 minutes to an hour.

Interestingly, CrossFit is not frightening, so you don’t have to get all cocky. In fact, it entails a lot of fun and yes, it’s a great way for you to become stronger and lose weight.

What is a CrossFit class like?

If you had visited a CrossFit gym, you might have noticed that it’s like a large warehouse with several group classes that offer options for participants to choose from. Most times, an individual may choose to work out anywhere between three times to five times in just a week.

Basically, CrossFit is not a one-size-fits-all program. This means that it comprises of individual programs and styles. But generally, the classes are broken down into four components: a warm-up, skill or strength, Workout of the day or WOD, and mobility session. However, all the CrossFit classes last for just an hour.

 Now you may ask “what do the four components entail?” Well, the warm-up is just foreplay to the WOD. It is meant to warm up your joints for the movements ahead. Then, the strength component- as it implies- helps to make you stronger, but it comes in different forms.  For example, you can be tasked with one repetition of six sets of three power snatches.

After that comes the skill workout. This helps you improve your performance in a particular exercise, like handstand walking, double unders, or toes to bars. Then, the skill you work on will sustain you in the WOD – which is the meat and potato of CrossFit training.

Just to let you know, the WOD is metabolic conditioning and you’ll have to perform certain combinations of exercise for a set amount of time. You’ll continue on these exercises until you’ve completed a specific number of reps.

The last part of the CrossFit training is the stretching and mobility session. Here, you’ll stretch on your feet after your WOD. For instance, you might do a series of forearm stretches after a “grippy” workout.

The Benefits of CrossFit

There are many benefits you could derive from CrossFit. And it doesn’t matter whether your fitness goal is simply to get 1% fitter, or do a pull-up, or lose weight, or maintain your fitness level. This program helps you achieve those goals.

A study conducted by a team of exercise physiologists out of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse showed that women who performed two different CrossFit workouts burned 12 calories per minute and had an increased heart rate throughout those sessions.

Not only burning of calories, but CrossFit can also help you gain mental toughness to push yourself to new heights. It also gives you the confidence to tackle the unknown.

More so, as you join like-minded people in the training room, it gives you the motivation to keep going on. So you guys get a chance to lift each other up and become a family.

Will I get an Injury from CrossFit?

I know this is the part you might dread. Well, despite gruesome stories and elaborate scrutiny in the mainstream media concerning CrossFit, there has not been any empirical evidence to support their claims.

The truth is that when you subscribe to smart coaching and thoughtful programming, you can avoid lots of injuries like rhabdomyolysis (muscle tissue breakdown) – it’s no more common in CrossFit than any other workout.

Plus, you can stay injury-free if you listen to your body and build up your workout intensity gradually.

How do I know if CrossFit is for me?

Not to bore you, CrossFit is actually meant for anyone. So, don’t believe it when you hear CrossFit is meant for experts or athletes alone. Although every workout has suggested movements and weights, still you can choose to something called Scaling – this is what majority of people at most Crossfit boxes do.

You might ask “how do I scale?” Well, it’s simple; it means altering the movements and weight of a particular workout based on your ability. This helps you produce the same level of intensity.

For example, your coach might have you scale down a workout that requires 50 reps to just 25. Or you might be instructed to keep touching your knees to your elbows. What matters is working according to your ability and producing the same intensity.

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